Do I need relevant experience in the CAD/CAM/CAE industry?
Experience in CAD/CAM/CAE industry is preferred but is not a show stopper for people who have passion for the CAD/CAM/CAE industry,
adequate business acumen, leadership traits, proven management capabilities and an ability to adapt to a constantly changing and evolving CAD/CAM/CAE industry
is preferred.
What all products does Saluja Cad Consultancy deal in?
Training on CAD/CAM/CAE
Consultancy on CAD/CAM/CAE
Jobs in all streams
Software sales CAD/CAM/CAE and all other domains
AMC What is the potential for earnings?
CAD/CAM/CAE industry rapidly growing in India and across the world. People gets lots of career opportunities in this field so it will be healthy decision to work in
a Established sector like CAD/CAM/CAE industry as a Saluja Cad Consultancy franchisee.
Is the franchise fee refundable?
No, franchise fee is non-refundable. This agreement is renewable on the basis of the performance of the franchisee.
Who will build my franchisee?
The franchise will be responsible for internal communication branding and project work of the franchisee. Saluja Cad Consultancy marketing team will assist
the franchise to select the location and to maintain the standard of franchisee specifications.
What support would be given by Saluja Cad Consultancy?
1. Operational Support through business and program management teams
2. Marketing support to conduct local activities
3. Guidelines for recruitment
4. Training and Development Support
5. Franchisee Launch
6. Special products and offers on need
7. Technological support
Will I get recruitment and training assistance?

Saluja Cad Consultancy assists franchisee with guidelines on recruitment of suitable staff. Training is an intergral part of Saluja Cad consultancy franchisee busines and is
done through buddy training programs and regular process & product training workshops.
Is location an important selection criterion?
Yes, location is an important selection criterion and the franchisee should ideally be at a high
footfall area, with a good frontage and signage space, preferably at high street or commercial complexes.
What is the process of taking a franchisee?
To become a franchise partner of Saluja Cad Consultancy, you need to fill out the franchise opportunity form.
Please reach us at : www.franchisee@e-placement.in

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